[Spice Money*] Best Digital Payment Solution For Small Business 2017

By | July 19, 2017

Best Digital Payment Solution For Small Business 2017  (Spice Money): Aadhar Enabled payment system is a initiate of Digital India, concept adopted by one of the leading company Spice Digital where a business man can download “Spice Money App” and start accepting the payments digitally in India, its hassle free, customer don’t need to carry cards (POS transaction), or cell phone to confirm otp (paytm payment), here customer simply need to enter his Aadhar Card Number and confirm identity by scanning finger, its that simple đŸ™‚ . There are many benefits of AEPS over POS which you can check in the chart below. In this Digital India you can take initiate by accepting small payments online with surcharge on each transaction as we have on Debit/Credit cards, Installation if pretty simply you can leave the enquiry, spice agent will call you and install biometric device which can easily connect with your smartphone/laptop, after the collection of essential documents (PAN card, ID, Photo) your merchant account will be activated and you will be able to accept the payments digitally from Aadhar where a customer can pay even if he is not carrying his wallet and its completely secure for a business man and customer because the authentication is don’t by fingerprint which is the most secure way to transact and this is the Best Digital Payment Solution of 2017.

Spice Money Transfer

spice money

Another Best service of Spice Money is “Money Transfer” by which you can easily transfer money to any account commercially to earn money with your existing business. Spice charge only .6% (i.e., Rs 6 per 1000) and you can charge upto Rs: 20 per thousand for this service and earn good amount when amount will reach in lacks. India is still not good in services, many people don’t know how to deposit money from CDM (Cash Deposit Machine) and those who know they hardly find the one working easily. Spice Money Transfer is a trending services adopted by Delhi’s businessmen who are earning good amount and find the services convenient and exploring rapidly in other states too. You can enquire for free from the form below if you want to start Money Transfer business or add it with your existing business which will cost you around only Rs 1000.

Benefits of Spice Money:

spice money Spice AEPS Spice Mudra

  • Easy to start by anyone by purchasing only ID.
  • Transfer Money to any Bank anytime instantly.
  • Charge for service accordingly to earn more.
  • RBI Approved.
  • Release Hard cash to  customer as Spice Mini ATM service (Another way to earn simultaneously).

What is AEPS

Aadhar Enabled Payment System is a initiative taken by NPCI and is a convenient way to get the money from bank via linked account, safely and quickly. UIDAI authenticates the finger print and allow bank to deduct money from bank which is a newest way of 2017 to grow your business and manage money easily instead of collecting plenty of hard cash daily. To make a transaction over AEPS one should have

  • Aadhar Card Number
  • Bank Name
  • Finger Print

Why Spice AEPS ? – Mini ATM & Much More

Spice AEPS

Aadhar card is most common identity and source to accept payments from more than 1.12 Billion Indian people (90% of total population) whereas plastic money (Debit/Credit) cards, Paytm are still too behind and half of population cannot access these methods to pay easily. Spice Digital launched  “Spice Money App” which is free for download and is th best approach for businesses in Rural Areas or Urban Small Business. Now coming to the benefits of Spice Money, there is no transaction charges only nominal monthly maintenance, it can also work as Mini ATM (you can give cash to customer to reduce your scheduled bank deposit to save time) where you can charge some amount for the service which will give you a tremendous benefit. You can know the available balance on customer account and much more which are listed below:

Benefits of Spice AEPS:

  • No Transaction Charges
  • Only Rs: 200/Month + tax.
  • Quick Installation and Easy to use.
  • Transaction Secure with Fingerprint.
  • Can Work as Mini ATM.
  • Customer don’t need to carry anything to pay.

Amount will automatically transfer to your bank account from Spice money, its safer and convenient way to accept cashless payments from customers to grow your business and participate in Digital India initiative.

Spice Money Installation Process:

Step 1: Fill the enquiry from below to request a callback.

Step 2: Get prepare with Documents (PAN Card, Address Proof, 2 Photos)

Step 3: Collect your Biomatric Device with Merchant Id.

Step 4: Download Spice Money App and login with your credentials or visit https://b2b.spicesafar.com/ .

Step 5: Connect Biomatric in Mobile or Laptop.

Step 6: Start receiving payment (for further steps refer below image)

Note: Incase you face any query or technical error then contact [email protected] or directly call at Ph:- 0120-6113 786.

If you liked my information about Best Digital Payment Solution For Small Business 2017 then share this article among all businessmen and take a revolution on Digital payments initiate by India which are far better then american concept of plastic money (cards issued by Visa, Master, American Express, Discover etc) where they charge upto 2.5% on each transaction and filling their pockets. AEPS is Indian initiative by NPCI where based on Aadhar detail we can transact with any bank liked with it đŸ™‚ . If you have further queries then leave us a comment or send enquiry.

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