[Happy]* Friendship Day 2017 Wishes, SMS For School Friends In Hindi, English, Tamil

By | July 10, 2017

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Wishes, SMS For Schoolmates Friends In Hindi, English, Tamil : Friendship day is celebrated on 1st sunday of August and this year it is going to be August 6 2017 so don’t forget to wish to your best buddies of your school in Hindi, English & in Tamil Languages. ‘Friendship’ is a small word that defines itself very well. Friends are the one with whom we feel like family with whom we don’t have to pretend anything with whom we can be whatever we want to be. All of us are not comfortable with our families to share anything about our life and personal things about what we think what we want for our life. But we can share this kind of things with are friends. On this Friendship day 2017 send best funny wishes to your schoolmates to greet them.  As we all celebrate our birthdays similarly we all can celebrate Friendship day to tell our friends that what is their existence in our life. How special they’ll fell? isn’t it 🙂 , cheer up this friendship day by sending the below wishes of Friendship Day 2017 in Advance. What we feel for them. Friendship day is the day to celebrate our friendship with them 🙂 .

Brief about true Friendship: Friendship is a strong bond between two people who knows each other. Don’t forget to celebrate this friendship day with your special friends. You can send them friendship Quotes, you can sing songs for them, gift them their favorite things. Friendship is the relationship between two persons who can be completely similar to each other and they can also be totally opposites of each other. We don’t choose our friends by religion, cast, color or any other basis. We just love them for their affection towards us for their care for us.

happy friendship day wishes for schoolmates in english tamil language

Friendship Day 2017 Wishes, SMS For School Friends In English

Friendship is a strong and habitual inclination in two persons to promote the good and happiness of one another


A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Happy Friendship Day 2015


The love of my life is the love between friends.


If I die today, or even tomorrow I will have no regrets if you tell me you’re my friend


A good friend finds it harder to hold a pencil than to hold a grudge.


A friend is someone who smile when you smile, laugh when you laugh, but hold your hand when you cry


Friendship is a network that needs:
no recharge!
no roaming!
no validity!
no activation!
no signal problems!
just don’t switch off your heart.!


LIFE changes from
Classroom 2office
Books 2files
Jeans 2formal
Pocketmoney 2salary
Girlfriend 2wife,
Lekin saale dost kbhi nahi badalte
Kamine ke kamine rehte hai.
Lovable Idiots

Our friends supports us where sometimes our families are against our decisions, at that time only our true friends take stand for us in the society. There is no fix age to make new friends. Friendship can be started at any age or with a guy of any age. It can be between a child or an aged person or between a man and woman. Friendship can be developed between two persons with similar or different passions, emotions and sentiments. Nobody can live alone in this word .every guy needs someone with whom he or she share things their thoughts, their happiness, their feelings, their grief. Good Friends also guides us about good and bad things, if we are going to do something wrong with our life our friends are the one who stops us for doing that wrong thing. They show us the right path during our bad phase in our life.


Happy Friendship Day  2017 Wishes For School Friends In Hindi

A true friend always stand for us while our bad times in our life. So don’t loose their friendship with a small wrong thought about them. We can greet our friends with gifts like their favourite things, by singing songs for them. you can also create gift cards and friendship day cards for them .This friendship day just tell your friends that how lucky you are as they are your friends.  The Strength of the bond of friendship between two persons can vary in times. If the bond is very strong they are called as best friends. If it is not very strong they are called as Good friends. If their friendship is from their childhood they are called as friends for lifetime. This all is the bond of friendship between two persons.

Now lets not wasting time in discussion, below is the complete list of the Friendship Day 2017 Wishes in Hindi, you can pick the best one for your friend 🙂 .

Suna hai asar hai hamari baton me, warna log bhul jaate hai 2-4 mulaqato mein, aap hume bhulakar kahan jayenge,aapki dosti ki lakeer hai mere hathon mein


Apki Life Ka Best Time
Jab Aap Apne Dost Ko Bole,
“Yes,I’m Fine.”
Aur Wo Dost Apki Aankho Mai Dekhkar Bole
Chalo Ab Batao, Problem Kya Hai?


Sorry yaar, Jor se aayi thi.
Tera mobile ka Inbox Khali tha to kar diya.
Don’t mind Saaf kar lena.
(‘-_-‘)(@[email protected])
< ) (__/(II)>
_/ /_ ._/ /_


Teacher: sabase jyaada naqal kahaan pe hoti hai?
Pappu: Whatsapp pe.
Teacher: shaabaash!


main Ladkiyon ki driving ke khilaaph bilkul nahin hoon,
lekin jara ye bata do ki…
achaanak koi saamane aaye to brake ki jagah cheekh maarana kahaan ka
insaaph hai?


Arz he..
Hum bhi dost tere lie TAJ MAHAL banaaenge..
Gaur farmaaiga…
Hum bhi dost tere lie TAJ MAHAL banaaenge..
Ek cup shubah .. or ek cup shaam ko pilaenge

Happy Friendship Day Wishes, SMS For School Friends In Tamil

As we know good friend should be loyal towards you and your family. There should not be any kind of demands, expectations or complaints on behalf of your friendship towards someone. Only then a person can enjoy the Bliss of Great Friendship. If a friend do not completes your expectations it does not mean you will break your friendship. Friends are all about understanding each other’s situations, helping each other whenever they need us.

Alagu irunthal varuven endrathu KATHAL
Panam irunthal varuven endrathu SONTHAM Ethuvum vendam naan irukiren endrathu NATPU
Idhudhan Natpu


Funny Friendship Tamil Kavithai
Vittu Koduppadhu
Mattum Natpalla
Bittu Koduppadhudhan
Unmaiyana NATPU!!!


Nee Marainthu Veedu.
Ni Olinthukol.
Ungalai vida prakasamaana,
Engal Natpu Malarattum.


Naatpu Enpathu pala idangalil poogum roja malargal alla…
Nam idhayathil pookum pasa malargal…
Uravugal Enakku Pidikkum:
Athu Unmaiyai Irukum Varai.
Un Natpu Enakku Romba Pidikkum:
Athu En Uyir Piriyum Varai.


Unarum varai
Unmaiyum oru
Poi thaan
Purikinra varai
Vazhkiyum oru
Pudir thaan


Nilaiyana anbukku pirivillai…
Sollatha sollukku arthamillai…
Thedum paasathukku tholvi illai…
Unmaiyana namadin natpukku maranam illai…
Naan Rojavai pola alaganavan illai,
Aanal en idhayam rojavaivida alaganadu, en theriuma?
Athil neeyum Un natpum iruppathal…

Good Friends also tease each other’s, they are not always in love, for having fun they always tease each other, But this should not be like you hurt them. If it is for fun then it should be in limit, So that you both can enjoy him/her teasing. You can gift your friends Wrist bands, Friendship bands spelled with their names , or something they like. Two persons who are involved in friendship care for each other ,help each other’s and show support for their friends without any kind of expectations and greediness and this kind of friendship becomes stronger day by day with care and trust for each other. Dedication and trust are the two most important things for maintain a good friendship. Sometimes we can lose a good friend just because lack of trust and our dedication towards their friendship. So just do trust your friends and be completely dedicated towards their friendship. So guys this friendship day just go out with your friends show them their importance in your life, gift them friendship bands, make their friendship day more special by showing your love and affection. Happy friendship day 2017 to all my School Friends.

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