Independence Day 2017 Whatsapp Video Status Download

By | August 14, 2017

Independence Day 2017 Whatsapp Status Download : Time to give respect to our India has come on 15 August Independence day share the latest videos to whatsapp by downloading them for free and place it as your whatsapp status which is necessary for all true Indians, although that is not mandatory but a feeling of loyalty must come from inside to show pride towards our nation. At red fort our PM always prepare well and give a wonderful speech for all over the globe specially to their citizens to make them re realize about the sacrifices which Indians did in the history so that we can make future of this country amazing. Its my opinion that India is developing rapidly specially in IT sector so keep taking education and make good use of your brains to make our country feel proud about every Indian. Share these motivating videos of Independence day whatsapp videos to your group so that every one get the patriotic feeling from inside this year 🙂 , Independence day is celebrated on every 15 august because in 1947 we got independence from Britishers rule and how? Its a long and heart touching story which are shown in videos in brief.

Included Live Speech by PM Modi 2017

Happy Independence Day 2017 Video Download

15 August is not a date for India it signifies the sacrifices of many Indians during several wars which make us cry, it is important to share Independence day whatsapp videos to your friends because many of us have no idea now about those days which scars us by listening about the Freedom Fighters sacrifices for the future of India which is on us now, we cannot stand us and feel about those fighters which was not easy when Britishers was ruling us and we were not literate enough to speak against them but now we all are, its time to get self motivated and help India to grow its economy which is possible from the knowledge and efforts. Do not participate in corruption if you have feelings and oppose Chinese products which are harming our country vigorously. Whatsapp videos are too simple to share with your friends by copying the url or downloading it in mp4 format and send over whatsapp to unlimited friends 🙂 .

download whatsapp video for independence day 2017

Respect our flag on this day is also one of the major aspect we should care about. Flag is the dignity of our county never let it down and care to protect it from becoming litter. Sometime because of less opportunities or corruption some speak bad about India but when you will go abroad and face several difficulties in living environment then you will realize we have best culture in India and opportunities too which is you will see after Independence Day Whatsapp Video Download.

Independence Day PM Modi Live Speech 2017

If you liked our Independence day whatsapp videos then share your feelings as a comment which is open for all and sharing it from the sharing buttons. Our India is always best in all aspect and if your believe in the same then do participate in the celebration of this day and listen to the Shri Narendra Modi’s speech which will be live telecast from Red fort here on that day.

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