[Live] Karva Chauth 2017 Moon Rising Time – All India Citywise

By | September 10, 2017

Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time / Moon Sighting Updates Delay time India Citywise: Every year due to bad weather religious women need to keep hungry due to delay in Karva chauth moon rising and selected cities, no one can modify it its the challenges given by God to some women’s to check their patience towards hunger and love towards their husband. Karwa Chauth is one of strongest believe in India which is keep by millions of women who love their husband and pray for his good and long life the fasting begin from the early morning without any eatable and drink and ends up at Karva Chauth Moon rising time when the moon become visible at sky 🙂 .

Karva Chauth 2017 Date In India : 08 Oct 2017 (Sunday)

Date will be common in all over India so i mentioned it in beginning but the Moon rising time will vary city to city so i am showing that data in the form of table which will be according to datetime website which is to populist website in accuracy so we can believe in this data to predict the karva chauth moon rising time of 2017. Incase you don’t find your city in the below list then you can pick your nearby city and consider that timing as karva chauth moon time for your city and incase of bad weather we will keep updating this article which will be available on the same day 🙂 .

Today Karva Chauth Moon Riseing Timing Citywise

Karva chauth 2017 moon rising time

City Karva Chauth Moon Rising Timetable Weather
Delhi 21:10 Normal
Mumbai 20:40 Normal
Pune 20:23 Partial Cloudy
Bengaluru 20:08 Normal
Chennai 19:57 Normal
Bhopal 20:07 Normal
Patna 19:35 Normal
Lucknow 19:57 Partial Cloudy
Bareilly 20:01 Normal
Dehradun 20:04 Cloudy
Indore 20:23 Normal
Kolkata 19:32 Normal

Download Timetable link: Click Here…

This is a important update for those women who are fasting on this Karva Chauth 2017, so do smart work by sending the chart to your wife with some romantic images to control her patience over hunger by seeing your love 🙂 . All the data figure is taken from the accurate websites like timeanddate.com and more to provide you the accuracy but still we will updated the Forecasting of Karva chauth Moon time to time incase of bad weather so for this you can refresh this page by clicking below:


you will find the changes in the timetable after 18:00 Pm on 8 October 2017 live. We wish you a very happy Karva Chauth with best forecasting of moon rising time of this year.

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